About Sachin, Stains and Context…

What’s in an ad?

Well, to me, the Ads stands for the product. How good the Ad determines the sales of a product, to an extent.

What about the brand ambassador then?

Hmm.. The brand ambassador needs to be influential, so that he/she can drive a product sales..

I must be writing about Software Testing and not Marketing Management.. 🙂

Of course, this has something to do with Software Testing..

What is it in an ad that is of importance to testing?

I’m not talking about ‘an’ ad here – I’m talking about ‘the’ Ujala Techno Bright ad which features Sachin Tendulkar (for those who don’t know him (!!!), Wikipedia should help, otherwise I can write a million blog posts about him :)). The Ad features a caption – “Live stain free” (or something like that)..

So what’s so interesting about the Ujala Ad?

Nothing much – simply “context” 🙂

Okay, enough of suspense. Let’s get to business.

The new Ad for Ujala Techno Bright features Sachin Tendulkar. The Ad goes on like this..

Sachin is batting, the bowler delivers and Sachin plays a shot. He starts running and makes the return crease with a jump and raises his bat to the crowd. Now, some ladies in the crowd starts wondering how they can remove the stains from Sachin’s white jersey. Ujala Techno Bright to the rescue 😀 Simple, isn’t it?

What’s with context in this Ad?

Context # 1 – Avid Cricket Followers seeing this Ad

I’ve started watching cricket about 20 years ago. A coincidence might be that it was around the same time Sachin started playing as well. I’ve watched him play for 20 years and I’ve never seen any other player with an acute judgment for running between wickets. He seldom gets ran out with his poor piece of judgment. And for all these 20 years, I’ve never (probably nobody has ever) seen Sachin jumping to get to the crease to complete a run. So suddenly when you see Sachin jumping to get to the crease to complete his run, you do not feel that good.. So the avid cricket follower is concentrating on Sachin, rather than what happens after the jump. He may be thinking about Sachin’s judgment by the time Ujala saves the ladies’ lives 🙂 – In this context, the Ad fails!

Context # 2 – People those who likes the person in Sachin

The match fixing scandal is roaming around the cricketing world like a storm. There are only few players whom you think are trustworthy to their teammates and country and you don’t expect to be involved in match fixing.  Sachin is one of them.. He has been a role model for many youngsters with the dedication to his game and his behavior on and off the field. There were no allegations against him in his entire career – virtually a stain free person!. You got the context now, right? Ujala Techno Bright – Live Stain Free.. The Ad serves the purpose big time here!

Thinking about other contexts? Let me know if they are different from mine..