To my beloved… bug!

Hello Bug,

Hope you are doing well. Even though we meet on a daily basis, I thought it would be nice to write a letter to you.

Since we first met in October 2006, it has been a pleasure to meet you daily. You have taught me many skills and ways to get to you, although there were occasions that you hide from me as well. I still remember the day when you hide from us, a team of 3, in a simple registration screen for about 17 builds! I would like to comment that as a failure for me, that I didn’t tried enough to find you.. Anyway, you were there and at the end one of our users found you and all of us were in the firing line from our CEO 🙂

But, what delights me is your enthusiasm to follow me at my work as well as in my day to day life. You keep peeping out when I’m playing Farmville, like this:

See, I used to take screenshots to keep track of you – otherwise your developer friend will say that you were not following me and I haven’t seen you 🙂

I know you were around when I was trying to download that upgrade for Snagit. What?? No, no – I’m not lying! I have the evidence for that too:

See, you are showing some junk when I try to select a location to Save the file. That’s very naughty, ok?

And what about that Google translate page? I bet you were there also. By this time you would have understood my routine of taking snaps for evidence, right? 🙂 Seems like you failed to recognize my input language!

And you came up when I started blogging as well! You were saying that my blog’s busiest day was a good 10 years before I was born! That’s pretty weird anyway..

And, what about that dreadful day when Manchester United lost to Everton 3 – 1? I was about to read the BBC Story, and you were saying that a scoreline of 2 – 2 means victory for one team. That’s pretty funny by the way..

All this said, I don’t mind you following me – in fact, I very much enjoy it and it gives me a confidence that you are always around. And it helps making me a better investigator 🙂

Thank you for following me..

Yours truly,