Together We Cover, Divided We Uncover…

Rahul Verma recently posted an interesting Contest in his Facebook page. Here is the challenge:

Analyze the attached image which is a part of advertisement + awareness campaign by Test Mile.

Together we cover_Divided we uncover

What does the slogan – “Together We Cover. Divided We UnCover” mean to you as a tester? There are various visual clues in the picture as well. We would love to hear how you relate the story of this image.

Write your story to us via email to You can as well publish a blog post on your public blog for the story and send us the link to the same at the provided email address.

The last date for sending your submission for the contest is 20th Jan’13. Only one winner would be declared and s/he would be awarded the prize money. The prize would be awarded only to testers in India, although we would love to accept submissions from other testers as well.

Please participate and spread the word!

The following is my humble attempt..

Someone rightly put a definition to the word TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. This is one of the most exemplary definitions you can find for the word “TEAM” and when it comes to the context of delivering Software projects, you cannot agree more. Although there are many stakeholders involved in a Software Project, the people who develop an application and the people who test the application that is being developed interacts more with the product before delivering it to the customer.

Now look at the picture and caption – you can see two roads, namely Development and Testing; separated by a zip. If we open the zip (furthering the division) we are uncovering a space, which permanently separates the roads, and the roads leads to nowhere or unknown. But what happens if we are closing the zip? The roads comes together, making it a 4 way line (!) which goes to a single direction – yes, towards the sky high!

The image epitomises the fact the “Quality is everyone’s responsibility” – when the team is divided, we are uncovering an open space, a space which might contain a lot of (often) bad information related to quality. This quality related information might be harmful for the organisation, and it will bring a bad reputation to the organisation. Further to this are the conflicts between the teams involved and the blame game.

When the team is together, we are covering the open space of bad information, we have a solid direction towards a common goal and the direction is towards a brighter prospect. This improves the bond between the teams, which in turn produces better understanding and better quality products, improving the organisation’s reputation, in turn improving the profit. In fact, together, the teams are covering for their own well being!

Hope you enjoyed my attempt. Please share your thoughts in the comments..

8 thoughts on “Together We Cover, Divided We Uncover…

  1. This line is very similar to the line “We develop, break it and again develop” same thing is here we keep development and testing two working head for making a quality product, one is assigned to make the module and second one tester says make it more beautiful.

    Here what we can say” Dev and Tester are working for the same things but with different point of view for better quality” Divided means developer wants to see things working while a tester touch any module like its already broken. Since both are working in different direction but final motto is to give a quality product

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