Apple is NOT in love with Windows…

I thought Apple made great software. That certainly doesn’t mean that all their products are bug free. For instance this can be considered a serious flaw.

I’m not sure whether Apple loves Windows 🙂 But when I see instances like the one mentioned below, I think Apple is not in love with Windows.

Apple Updater

Most of the Apple users might be familiar with the above dialog box – it will show the update availability of installed software in the first part and some suggested new software in the second part. (This screenshot is taken after the following steps – so it is not showing the already installed software which do have updates.)

I had installed the Safari for Windows in my machine. The Apple updater is ON and it reminds me of available updates. I decided to install the Safari update – and installed it. And there comes the catch.

Apple Bug
The updater downloads the update and installs it automatically. After installation, it checks for update once again. And once that second checking is over, it shows a message box as above. I would say this is a dead box – because I cannot do anything other than close this. Ofcourse, I can use the Menu bar – but it does not give me the list of New software (which I might like to try :)). All it says is New Software is available from Apple.

So how am I going to report this? The previous post described about a session with James Bach and the importance of bug reporting. Let me try my hands on this..

Apple updater – the apple updater program is not showing the list of “New” software (after a successful update) even though the pop-up title refers to availability of new software.

Steps to Reproduce:

Any of the Apple’s software is installed on your system. This case MIGHT be happening only if you have an older version of Apple Software installed on your machine.
  1. Go to Start Menu and click on the Apple Updater item
  2. Verify the pop-up shown – it will be shown as two sections. One with the available update for the installed software and the second one with new softwares from Apple.
  3. Select the update option (i.e. disable the check-boxes for installing “new” Apple software) and continue with the Update
  4. Once the Update process is over, note the behavior of the application – it once again checks for updates and shows the pop-up with “New software is available from Apple” message.
  5. Note that the new software is missing in the list (which was there as explained in Step 2 above)
Expected Results:
The application should show the list of available “New” software from Apple – especially because the message in the pop-up is saying that “New software is available from Apple”.

Actual Results:
The application is not showing the list of “New Software”. This might be confusing for the users since the message in the pop-up is shown otherwise. Please see the second screenshot above.

Additional Information:
The issue happened in a machine with Microsoft Windows XP Home, SP3 is installed. The only Apple software installed in this machine is the Safari Web browser – version 4.0.4 which got updated to 4.0.5 in the process. The issue might be reproducible, but the updated version needs to be uninstalled and an older version should be installed to check this case.

This can be termed as a MEDIUM severity case. The user can get the list of “New” software if the application is closed and started again. So may not be a blocking issue. However, once the above mentioned pop-up is shown, the user has no option other than closing and restarting the application to get the list.

I would be grateful if my readers can suggest better ways to improve my reporting. Thanks in advance!! 🙂

The end line – Apple is NOT in love with Windows 😛

3 thoughts on “Apple is NOT in love with Windows…

  1. 🙂
    You reported this to Apple?

    One suggestion: When you link images (when the user needs to view the enlarged version), open them in a new window.
    Use LightBox feature.

    • @Haree,

      I’ve not reported it to Apple 🙂 May be they will find out from Web some day 🙂

      Thanks for the suggestion. I have made the images to be opened up in new tabs. Need to learn about using the LightBox feature.

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